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About Our Retreats

Welcome to the Songwriter’s Retreat. We host three and five-day songwriting retreats in beautiful and inspiring locations with award-winning songwriters as your mentors.


We have found that the reasons for attending our retreats can be many and varied. From looking to develop your writing skills, seeking new approaches and techniques, connecting and collaborating with other talented writers or finding fresh and new inspirations to help break through any creative blocks. 

And the number one reason - the opportunity of working alongside and in one-to-one sessions with amazing talented mentors and to receive their most valuable knowledge, experience, help and feedback.

We work hard to ensure that we bring together the best musically connected, exciting, talented group of writers to enable the most rewarding and positive outcomes for all. 


So many successful songwriters and artists know the power in changing their location and the effect and inspiration it can have on their writing, The Beatles went to India, Bowie to Berlin and many many more.

This is at the heart of what we offer here at The Songwriter’s Retreat, beautiful and inspiring locations, alongside world class songwriting mentors.

Our aim is to lift and develop your skills as a writer by creating the perfect environment to allow you to focus, reconnect and immerse yourself into the art and craft of songwriting. 

We would love you to join us on this songwriting adventure.

Duncan & Christina

PS: And we promise a lot of fun along the way too.

For us it has always been about the great songwriting at the heart of music. With wonderful careers working within the music industry alongside amazing songwriting and artistic talents, it felt the perfect time for us to bring these opportunities to other songwriters and artists. 

With our experience in hosting songwriting retreats, artist development and A&R, we select our attendees carefully to bring together talented, creative and collaborative groups for this inspiring, immersive experience in songwriting.


Our retreats are a made up from small groups of up to 15 attendees thus enabling everyone to feel completely connected and involved with the week and to experience, close up, the skills, techniques and craft from the mentors.

The retreats are designed for songwriters of a certain level and are not best suited for the beginner. However, whatever stage of songwriting you feel you are at, do please pre-register your interest as we love to hear from new songwriters, and we will always offer our professional feedback and advice. 

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